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Multimodality and Performance

The chapters in this book are the product of an international conference organised in Lisbon to mark the closure of the TKB project “A Transmedia Knowledge-Base for Performing Arts”. Under the title “Multimodal Communication: Language, Performance and Digital Media”, this conference provided a forum for researchers and artists from different research fields, interested in the study and documentation of the performing arts. The book offers contributions on issues of multimodality in human interaction and performance, embodied cognition and metaphor, gesture studies, video annotation for creative processes, and performance and digital media.

Carla Montez Fernandes holds a PhD in Linguistics and is currently working as Principal Investigator at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) in the intersection of multimodal communication, cognition, performing arts and new media. She was awarded a European Research Council grant (2014–2019) for her interdisciplinary project “BlackBox: a collaborative platform to document performance composition”.

“Collaborative interdisciplinary research projects that establish a mutually informative space for the exchange of experience and expertise between artists and scientists are rare. The Transmedia Knowledge-Base for Performing Arts (2009–2013) established such a space, and the mixture of contributions from scholars, scientists and artists in this new volume of writings reflects and extends this important project. As the borders between performing arts and especially the domain of study focusing on human experience become increasingly porous, projects and publications like these offer a range of significant insights for interested researchers.”
Scott deLahunta
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University, UK; Visiting Academic, Deakin Motion Lab, Deakin University, Australia; Co-Director, Motion Bank Institute

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