The Psychology of School Climate

Many people have become impatient with school reform and school improvement efforts that fail to include school climate. The importance of a positive school climate is emerging in current research, not only as an essential component of school reform and school improvement, but also as a necessary framework for maintaining excellent schools and providing healthy and safe schools for all students. Research strongly suggests that educators and policy makers have a lot to learn about the importance of school climate for school safety and academic success.

With the growing body of research regarding school climate, it is important to study the research and understand how the psychology of school climate and how the elements of school climate can be viewed from a population-based perspective, as well as understanding the impact of school climate on individual students. This review of school climate research includes hundreds of articles and research papers of different perspectives from around the world in numerous cultures.

School climate is becoming a science of education and psychology that must be studied further in order to understand the dynamic nature of learning environments, to identify elements that support or threaten the learning environment, and to learn how to improve the conditions for learning in all schools.

Dr Garry Wade McGiboney has several years of experience in public education, having served in school level, district level, and state level positions. He has a PhD in School Psychology and Administration from Georgia State University, and is a certified psychologist and mediator. He is a member of several professional organizations, and was recently appointed by the Governor of Georgia to serve on the Joint Study Committee on Mental Health Access. He also serves by appointment on the Georgia Supreme Court’s Justice for Children Committee. Dr McGiboney has over 30 professional publications on several youth-related issues to his credit, and he is the author of three books, The Private Side of Public Education, Student Relations and Discipline, and Lessons for Leaders and Governing Boards. He has been interviewed by CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and NPR, and has been quoted in Time, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and many other international publications, including Le Devoir, Listin Diario, El Diaro, Japan Press, and Mato Grosso. Dr McGiboney is the recipient of several awards, including NAACP Educator of the Year; the National Association of School Psychologists National Friend of Children Award; School Counselors Advocate of the Year Award; Association of School Nurses Hero Award; School Social Workers Association Friend of Children Award; and Mental Health America Board Member of the Year Award, among others. Recently, he was inducted into the Georgia Board of Regents Alumni Hall of Fame for his career-long efforts on behalf of children.

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