Stylistics in Use

Stylistics in Use is composed of a series of studies about various trends in stylistics. More specifically, its seven chapters analyse, from various perspectives, literary aspects on the Internet, on television and in literary works. In order to accomplish this, a number of different approaches are adopted, such as corpus-driven analysis, translation studies, phraseology, discourse analysis, and sociolinguistic approaches, among others.

The book will serve, first and foremost, to bring stylistic analyses closer together, thus demonstrating the potential of stylistics as a research area that can benefit from other disciplines, and proving its effectiveness in examining literary aspects in literary texts as well as in other mediums. In this regard, the book will be of interest to a wide academic readership, including not only stylisticians, but also those involved in corpus analysis, translation studies, phraseology, discourse analysis, and sociolinguistics.

Pablo Ruano San Segundo is a Lecturer at the University of Extremadura, Spain. He holds a degree in English Studies and a PhD in Corpus Stylistics. His research interests focus on corpus linguistics, corpus stylistics and translation studies.

Guadalupe Nieto Caballero is a Researcher at the University of Extremadura, Spain. She holds a degree in Hispanic Studies, as well as two Master’s degrees. Her research interests lie in the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL) and in Spanish literary avant-garde movements.

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