The Management of Socioeconomic Safety

This book introduces a new scientific approach to the economy and a new academic discipline titled “Socioeconomic safety management” (SSM) on the basis of the event approach and logical and probabilistic (LP) risk models. It addresses the definitions of invalidity in the economy through analogies with reliability in engineering. The special features and advantages of the discipline and its components are outlined here, with a specific focus on the methods, models, technologies, tasks, objects and software. New types of Boolean “events-propositions” in economy are also introduced, as are new types of risk LP-models.

The examples of various types of socioeconomic systems provided here demonstrate that it is very difficult to solve socioeconomic problems without the involvement of scientists and public opinion; that the creation of top priority socioeconomic systems is impossible without reforms in education, science and the economy; and that the future development of the SSM requires the certification of special software. The book shows that economic efficiency can increase if, in conjunction with micro- and macroeconomics, the problems of socioeconomic safety management are explored.

The book is intended for economists and managers who are interested in the problem of economic safety management. It will also be useful to undergraduate and postgraduate students of economics and their teachers.

Eugene Solozhentsev is Professor in the Institute of Business Technologies at St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI), Russia, and Head of the Laboratory of Intelligent Integrated Automated Systems of Design of the Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering (IPME), Russia. He is also an Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, and the Chairman of the International Program and National Organizing committees of the “Modeling and Analysis of Risk and Safety in Complex Systems” International Science Schools, Russia. He has published more than 300 scientific works, including nine books.

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