Seventy Moral (and Immoral) Polarities of the Everyday

Polarities is a set of seventy mini-meditations on opposite states of the moral or emotional life – goodness and badness; ugly and beautiful; quiet and raucous. Each item, in each polarity, is allowed to gather up a picture, a tale, or a logical adventure, and then to leave behind it multi-part reflections which play out in the reader's mind. The operational energy here is partly prayer or mantra and partly half-completed logical conundrum. Is there a new form of private devotional at work here?

This book is part of a series. View the full series, "Inside Selfhood And History", here.

Frederic Will is Director of Research, Humanities Institute ( He previously worked as Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Massachusetts, and has written widely on a range of topics, including poetry, philosophy, travel literature, labor sociology, and cultural history.

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