Libraries at the Heart of Dialogue of Cultures and Religions: History, Present, Future

From antiquity until the present, libraries have served to witness cultural and religious exchanges between civilizations. A number of famous libraries have often acted as the cornerstones of the history of humankind in all its diversity.

In 2014, in addition to the world congress of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), satellite meetings were held in Paris. The theme of these meetings was “Libraries at the Heart of Dialogue of Cultures and Religions”. The presentations centred around three aspects: “Religious Libraries and History,” “Anticipating and Facing Urgent Issues,” and “New Technologies and Networking to Solve Some Issues.”

The publication of these proceedings allows to draw up a panorama of the questions raised by these themes, highlight some initiatives, and offer solutions or lines of thought to professionals and Library and Information Science students.

Thierry-Marie Courau is a Professor in Fundamental Theology and a Dominican priest, with a doctorate in Catholic Theology. His fields of teaching and research are Buddhist studies, theology of religions, and theology of dialogue. A member of the Council for Interreligious Relationships at the Bishops’ Conference of France and President of the Conférence des Institutions Catholiques de Théologie (Conference of Catholic Theological Institutions (CICT-COCTI)), he is also, since 2011, the Dean of the Theologicum – Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences of the Catholic University of Paris, France.

Fabien Vandermarcq entered the Bibliothèque de Port-Royal in 1998, and is currently working on a project of networking (anti-)Jansenist libraries. He co-published a study on education in pre-revolutionary Paris in 2013, and is preparing the publication of the epistolary correspondences of the moralist Pierre Nicole. He holds a Master’s degree in History and a diploma in Arabic. He is the Director of the academic journal Chroniques de Port-Royal and the communication officer of IFLA-SIG Relindial.

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