Rhetoric in the Twenty-First Century: An Interactive Oxford Symposium

This book arises from a symposium held in Oxford to consider the most fruitful trajectories of rhetoric in the 21st century. The gathering comprised an international delegation of leading scholars convened to assess—from an array of perspectives – the various possible futures of the ancient discipline of rhetoric as it responds vitally to the evolving contexts of the new millennium.

This collection commemorates that event by extending its scrutiny into a number of specific fields of inquiry. It includes a foreword by Prof James J. Murphy, an introductory article by the editors, and six further articles commissioned from among the participants. The introduction provides a detailed account of the symposium, and foregrounds the delegates’ articles with a résumé of their arguments and consequent relevance to the overarching theme. Each contribution is a freshly minted and original piece of scholarship, true to the generative and interactive spirit of the enterprise, and speaking pertinently to the field of international rhetoric studies at the present time.

Rhetoric in the Twenty-First Century addresses a spectrum of concerns. Scholars and students of rhetoric and language-use will naturally find much of interest here, and the inclusive ambit of the work will also appeal to students of ethics, religion, comparative literature, intercultural studies, and the growing field of communication studies.

Nicholas J. Crowe taught and researched in Oxford for 25 years. He was Senior Dean at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Oxford, subsequent to being Research Fellow in Modern Languages and Literatures at St John’s College, and Lecturer and Tutor at Hertford College and St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford. Latterly, he has held appointments as a Research Fellow and Visiting Professor in the US, where he now lives, publishing widely in the field of comparative literature.

David A. Frank is Professor of Rhetoric at the University of Oregon, and was Dean of its Clark Honors College from 2008 to 2013. His field of expertise is rhetoric, communication and the humanities, in which he has published six books, as well as numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed articles and papers. Recent and current work includes studies of rhetoric and its role in the cultural and political environments of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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