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Being "On the Margins": Exploring Intersections

This book is a collection of the proceedings from the Symposium of the Street, a one-day conference convened at the University of Manchester in June 2014 and funded by the North West Doctoral Training Centre. The event brought together civil society organisations and academics to share experiences of working and facilitating research with street-connected children and youth, and other young people in vulnerable situations. The chapters in this book represent a number of different organisations and researchers working in countries across Europe, Africa and Asia. All explore the realities of people who live on the margins, positioned as out-of-place and unable to access aspects of mainstream society, be they education and schooling, welfare or care services.

The authors discuss their work and research with children, youth and people who are street-connected or rough sleeping, refugees, asylum seekers or migrant populations; live in slum areas; are learners of English as an additional language; or have disabilities. The chapters present the day-to-day issues practitioners and organisations face when delivering interventions, advocating for effective social policy, litigating for inclusion, or monitoring and evaluating the progress made. Together, the chapters offer a multidimensional approach to being on the margins of society, or working with excluded communities, and encourages a cross-sectoral approach to inclusion in its many forms.

Su Lyn Corcoran is completing a PhD at the University of Manchester, exploring the transition experiences of children and youth leaving the street in Kenya. She has worked in secondary education for over a decade and in the charity sector. Her research interests include issues affecting street-connected children and youth and inclusive education in the global south, as well as science education in the UK. She co-edits the Enabling Education Review.

Dimitrina Kaneva is a Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Bolton. Dimi researches in the field of English as an additional language and agency, student voice and participation in schooling in challenging circumstances, early years and childhood studies, inclusive and democratic education, and action research leading to educational change.

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Natividad Adamuz-Povedano

Su Corcoran

Eleanor Harrison

Dimitrina Kaneva

Ronald Kasule Kirumira

Marc Maxmeister

Mônica Mesquita

Rhetta Moran

Kate Moss

Rebecca Murray

Sylvia Nwamaraihe

Alexandre Pais

Nicola Sansom

Paramjit Singh

Haucke Straehler-Pohl

Joanna Wakia

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