Achieving Consilience: Translation Theories and Practice

At Master’s level, students in Translation Studies may choose to complete their course by compiling a dissertation by commentary. Such projects involve detailed discussions of the strategies and procedures that students opt for when translating a source text of their choice (be it literary, audiovisual, or technical). However, the vast majority of these dissertations by commentary usually remain stored in university libraries. Achieving Consilience: Translation Theories and Practice brings to the fore the theoretical and practical potential of these dissertations by commentary. It demonstrates how theories in Translation Studies can be fruitfully, consciously and systematically applied during the translation practice, thus helping to transcend the received wisdom according to which theorists and practitioners share little common ground. Additionally, the contributors to this volume evince their ability to apply a research-driven approach to their analysis by comparing their work with official translations or other field-related texts. As such, this essay collection will contribute to a better understanding of the translator’s decision-making process, and will offer future students valuable guidelines regarding the procedure normally followed in completing a dissertation by commentary.

Margherita Dore received a PhD in Linguistics (Audiovisual Translation) from Lancaster University, UK, in 2008, an MSc in Translation and Intercultural Studies from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, UK, in 2002, and a BA in English and Latin-American Studies from the University of Sassari, Italy. She is an Adjunct Lecturer in the Department of European, American and Intercultural Studies and the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy, where she teaches at undergraduate and Master’s level. She also worked as Adjunct Lecturer in English at the University of Sassari and the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, and spent time as Visiting Scholar at the National and Kapodistrian University, Greece, where she carried out a postdoctoral research project on audiovisual translation. Her research interests are in audiovisual translation, humour studies and cognitive linguistics. She has presented her work at several international and national conferences, and has published a series of papers on the audiovisual translation of humour and cultural references in TV series such as Friends, The Simpsons and the Italian TV series Montalbano.

“A truly ground-breaking contribution to the field of Translation Studies, Achieving Consilience: Translation Theories and Practice fills in the gap between theoretical approaches and practical needs by means of showing real students’—now professionals—commentaries on literary, technical and audiovisual contemporary translations. By comparing their work with the official translation(s) of their source texts, when these are available, contributors to this volume help other scholars in Translation Studies better understand the translator’s decision-making process. The meticulous selection of the contributions shows a judicious ability to provide a comprehensive and insightful snapshot of real-life practice, which is supported by means of a solid theoretical framework consciously and systematically applied in each case. This ambitious volume constitutes a valuable asset to any institution that offers BA’s and Master’s degrees, as well as a thoughtful exploration of how to tackle the mutual relationship between theory and practice.”
Professor Frederic Chaume
Universitat Jaume I, Spain; University College London, UK

Monika Bartz

Joaquin Bueno-Amaro

Mohammad Jafar Shokrollah Zadeh

Niki Karagianni

Cristian Lako

Guillermo Parra Lopez

Stefania Puddu

Sara Roman Galdran

Erja Vottonen

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