1st International Symposium 'Education in Interior Architecture' in the Year of German-Turkish Research, Education and Innovation

This volume presents a multifaceted analysis of joint collaboration in German and Turkish institutes in the field of interior architecture. It explores the importance of increasing and diversifying such joint endeavours, and of ensuring the long-term collaboration of the governments in both countries by giving support to high quality, young scientists. It also stresses the pivotal role to be played by binary collaboration between science and education.

As such, the book will serve to build and strengthen the cooperative facilities between Germany and Turkey on behalf of research education and innovative studies. In addition, it discusses how future studies in this area can attract potential students through integrated studies, hosted by both Germany and Turkey.

Professor Pelin Yıldız works at the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design of Hacettepe University, Turkey. She served as Head of the Organising Committee for the Symposium that gave rise to this book.

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Stefan Adlich

Paola Ardizzola

Saha Aslan

Ebru Aydeniz

Gulnur Ballice

Sirma Bilir

Mathias Brockhaus

Aysen Capanoglu

Esin Dayi

Derik Demirarslan

Deniz Demirarslan

Vildan Dundar Turkkan

Hakan Ertek

Ayse Nilay Evcil

Michael Gotz

Ceren Koc

Pelim Kockan

Wolfgang Kreser

Axel Muller-Scholl

Alim Selin Mutdogan

Alim Mutdogen

Guliz Oktem Kucuktasdemir

S. Ebru Okuyucu

Mine Ozoguz Arbay

Mehmet Sarikahya

Pelin Senturk

Aysa Taghizadeh Sapchi

Hamide Temel

Sebastian Walter

Baris Yakin

S. Selhan Yalgin Usal

Kemal Yildirim

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