Engaging Affects, Thinking Feelings: Social, Political and Artistic Practices

The thought-provoking essays brought together in Engaging Affects, Thinking Feelings: Social, Political and Artistic Practices balance critical thinking with creative opportunities to imagine new possibilities. With an international breadth that crosses continents and an interdisciplinary orientation that connects diverse scholarly fields, this collection is ambitious in its scope. At the same time, the essays focus on the small details, embodied traces, and intimate spaces of experience often overlooked or devalued within dominant discourses. Exploring diverse issues and methodologies, the contributions here share a willingness to pay close attention to vulnerable subjects that challenge readers to think beyond the rational and binary limits of academic knowledge. As such, the authors simultaneously engage readers’ intellects and emotions as they write passionately about subjects ranging from war, food, sexuality, geography, social media, poetry, photography, and philosophy. The result is a text that offers diverse ways of mobilizing an array of affect theories in relation to specific sites of interpretation, activism, and creativity.

Susan Driver is an Associate Professor in Communication Studies and the Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture at York University, Canada, and has published books on youth and media, including Queer Girls and Popular Culture and Queer Youth Cultures. Her current work focuses on affect and digital cultures.

Kara Stone is an artist and scholar interested in the affective, somatic, and gendered experiences of mental illness, wellness, and healing as it relates to art production, videogames, and traditional crafting. Her artwork has been featured in The Atlantic, Wired, and Vice. She holds an MA from York University in Communication and Culture and is currently a PhD student in Film and Digital Media with a designated emphasis in Feminist Studies at University of California at Santa Cruz.

Melanie Patenaude completed her Master’s degree in Communication and Culture at Ryerson University, Canada, specializing in Media and Culture. Her research focuses on the intersections of feminist media production, queer community building projects, and the archive. Previously, she worked as the education coordinator for a not-for- profit anti-bullying organization, developing resource guides and training Ontario educators on LGBT-inclusivity in the classroom. Currently, she teaches courses on gender, sexuality, identity, and popular culture.

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