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Language Acquisition: Problems and Perspectives

This volume brings together a selection of articles about research conducted on language acquisition in the Baltic States, namely in Latvia and Lithuania, a field which has witnessed massive growth in recent years.

The book begins with an introduction which specifies the problems investigated by the contributions in order to acquaint the reader with current issues and research in linguodidactics and applied linguistics. The volume will particularly appeal to scholars of language acquisition, as well as anyone interested in research and practical activities concerning language education in the Baltic States.

The papers compiled here are grouped into five sections: language acquisition in the context of bilingualism and multilingualism; pedagogical factors of language acquisition; research on literacy; language acquisition at an early age; and research in linguodidactics to assist language acquisition.

This volume will stimulate the reader to ask questions, think of solutions, argue and propose counterarguments with regards to language acquisition in this region. The driving force in this field is dialogue and argumentative discussion, not utilitarian notes and advice, and, through detailing a range of views on language acquisition problems and perspectives, the book achieves that aim.

Diāna Laiveniece is a Professor of Applied Linguistics at Liepaja University, Latvia. Her research focuses on native language acquisition and the history of methodology. Her publications include Issues of Didactics in Language Acquisition (2000), Language Studies for a Teenager (2003), and School of Scientific Writing (2014).

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Reda Baranauskiene

Dina Bethere

Inga Bliska

Dagnija Deimante-Hartmane

Mara Dirba

Inguna Griskevica

Daiva Jakavonyte-Staskuviene

Inna Jarva

Danguvle Kalesnikiene

Ruta Kemere

Vytenis Koncius

Roma Kriauciuniene

Thomas Lewandowski

Kaiva Limante

Marina Novik

Virginija Jurate Pukeviciute

Dale Roikiene

Inese Roste

Vineta Rutenbergh

Agne Saylik

Aukse Suigadinieve

Gundega Tomele

Ingera Tomme-Jukievica

Inese Veisbuka

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