Language at Work: Analysing Language Use in Work, Education, Medical and Museum Contexts

Over recent decades, linguists have used various theoretical frameworks to investigate the language of the workplace and public institutions, and this work continues to expand into new social contexts. This linguistic research has been used for various applied purposes, including the need to improve communication within organisations and with external clients, customers and patients, and to develop communication and language training programs.

Language at Work: Analysing Language Use in Work, Education, Medical and Museum Contexts outlines recent linguistic research in a cross-section of institutions – museums, schools, universities, defence, non-government organisations, universities, hospitals and corporations, as well as Asian-based call centres. The chapters will be of interest to students and scholars of linguistics, language teachers, museum curators, trainers, and educators, in addition to the general reader interested in organisational communication.

Helen de Silva Joyce was previously the Director of Community and Migrant Education in the New South Wales Department of Education and Training. She is now a freelance researcher and educator, with expertise in the area of language research and curriculum development, affiliated with the University of New England and Charles Sturt University. She is the author and editor of many language education resources, including four recent books on visual literacy and multimodality.

"One of the merits of the book is that although four different fields (workplace, education, hospital and museum) of organisational communication comprise the volume, the relationship among contributions is maintained. Also, the bibliographies at the end of each paper offer the reader ample opportunities to further explore the topic. Not only is the book an interesting read for scholars, teachers, and students of linguistics, but it is also very beneficial to business professionals and readers who are interested in organisational communication."

Zsuzsanna Zsubrinszky Associate Professor, Budapest Business School LINGUIST List 27.4202 (19.10.2016)

Suzanne Benn

Jennifer Blunden

Nayia Cominos

Suzanne Eggins

John Marah

Theo van Leeuwen

John Walsh

Helen Whitty

Jacqueline Widin

Keiko Yasukawa

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