(Re)writing and Remembering: Memory as Artefact and Artifice

Recounting past events is intrinsic to the storytelling function, as most fiction assumes the past tense as the natural means of narrating a story. Few narratives draw attention to this process, yet others make the act of remembering a primary part of the narrative situation. Ranging in its focus from poetry to novels, autobiographical memoirs and biopics – from the ostensibly fictional to the implicitly real – this volume discusses the extent to which such fictional acts of remembering are also acts of rewriting the past to suit the needs of the present. How seamlessly does experience yield to the ordering strictures of narrative and what is at stake in the process? What must be omitted or stylised, and to what (ideological) end? In making an artefact of the past, what role does artifice play, and what does this process also tell us about history-making?

Virginia Allen-Terry Sherman, Eléonore Cartellier-Veuillen, James Dalrymple and Dr Jonathan Fruoco are teachers and researchers affiliated to the Institut des Langues et Cultures d’Europe, Amérique, Afrique, Asie et Australie (ILCEA4) at Université Grenoble Alpes. They specialise in Anglophone literature and culture, focusing on a diverse range of subjects from travel literature to children's fiction, and from the detective genre to medieval poetry.

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Souleymane Ba

Zineb Berrahou

Maxime Briand

Eléanore Cartellier-Veuillen

Reza Maleki Sedghi

Ferdinand Schlie

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