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English Narrative Poetry: A Babel of Voices

Poetry, by definition, is voice, which here includes the worlds of both sound silence in which the poem exists. Voice in poetry represents the way in which individuals articulate themselves as subjects. English Narrative Poetry: A Babel of Voices explores how poets in different periods of English literature have manipulated voice in their verse narratives. This book, devoted to voice, explores narrative poems ranging from the Renaissance to the contemporary. Starting from Shakespeare, it journeys through Pope, Wordsworth, Keats, Rossetti, Browning, H. D., Ted Hughes, Jackie Kay, and Bernardine Evaristo in the light of narrative theory.

The multiplicity of voice attests to the fact that narrative poetry can present itself as a ‘representation’ of real life by ‘mimicking’ the voices of women and men, creating what, taken together, comprises a babel of voices.

Özlem Görey is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Western Languages and Literatures at Boğaziçi University, Turkey, having received her PhD in English from Leicester University, UK. Her published work includes articles on the works of contemporary women writers, and her research focuses on poetry, feminist criticism, and maternal ambivalence.

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