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Thought Experiments between Nature and Society: A Festschrift for Nenad Miščević

As a prominent figure in analytic philosophy of the 20th and 21st centuries, Nenad Miščević has enriched, enhanced, and expanded many areas of the field. This volume, dedicated to him for his 65th birthday, follows the virtues he so much respects – conceptual analysis, rigorous use of logics, and clear definitions – and applies them to a very hot topic in philosophy, thought experiments.

Present throughout the history of philosophy, thought experiments have become indispensable for the discipline and for analytic philosophy in particular. But questions can be asked, as to what exactly is a thought experiment, what it consists of, and, most importantly, if it is even useful for philosophy. Next to these conceptual questions, this collection tackles thought experiments that have tradition, some of them very long, like The Ring of Gyges, The Social Contract, and Descartes’ Evil Demon. Others, like Twin Earth, Gettier cases and Brain-in-a-Vat thought experiments, have prompted at least half-a-century-long trails. One cannot understand contemporary analytic philosophy without understanding these trails and traditions.

Nenad’s closest friends and colleagues, from all over Europe, share their thoughts on this topic in this book, followed diligently by Nenad’s comments on their work.

Bojan Borstner, PhD, is Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Maribor, Slovenia. His main research areas are ontology, philosophy of science, and philosophy of nursing. He was the President of the Slovene Philosophical Society and is co-editor of the journal Acta Analytica. His writing experience includes two books Problems of Realism and Virtual Teacher (with B. Aberšek and J. Bregant) and more than one hundred articles and shorter pieces, and he has edited three books: Consciousness at the Crossroads of Philosophy and Cognitive Science (1995), Handbook of Phenomenology and Cognitive Science (1996) and Historicizing Religion: Critical Approaches to Contemporary Concerns (2010).

Smiljana Gartner, PhD, is a Slovenian philosopher, currently Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Maribor, Slovenia. Her main areas of research are ethics (with a special interest in professional ethics), logics, and critical thinking. She is the President of the Slovenian Society for Analytic Philosophy and Philosophy of Science, has published more than twenty articles, and is the co-editor of Historicizing Religion: Critical Approaches to Contemporary Concerns (2010).

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