An Analytical Diary of 1939-1940: The Twelve Months that Changed the World

This book examines in detail, and as objectively as possible, the first year of the Second World War. The sources used here are international in order to avoid a perspective focused on any single nation. It also explores the political machinations and intrigues, as well as the various military campaigns and problems of 1939–1940. In addition to this, the war at sea is closely followed, as well as the reactions of various populations, especially those in Germany, Britain, and France, with a sideways glimpse of American thinking in public terms. The motives behind the war are viewed; important incidents are examined, as are the various styles and issues of leadership. For the student of history, there is also a detailed chronology of every day for the whole year.

The book begins with an overview of the driving forces and features of the war, and concludes with a synopsis of the international situation after this one year, from the point of view of the major belligerents. As such, it will appeal to both students and general readers of history.

The Revd Dr Andrew Sangster is the author of several history books, including a history of France 1936–1946, entitled The Agony of France, and a biography of Field Marshal Kesselring, and a co-author of the book Myths, Amnesia and Reality in Military Conflicts, 1935–1945. He has also written the biography of a German Mischling who survived the war to become an English Mayor (Nazi Thug to British Mayor), and a book called Two and a Half Deserters of which Sir Michael Howard wrote “I have seldom read anything that deals so well with the ‘underside of war.’” He has had several other books published, and holds a doctorate in Modern European History, in addition to degrees in Law, Theology, English and History.

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