Surrounded by Water: Landscapes, Seascapes and Cityscapes of Sardinia

This work provides insights into the physical and human geography of Sardinia, the second largest Mediterranean island, with its complex, varied, changing and often hidden features. The title, “Surrounded by Water”, recalls the identity of a land whose coastlines and surrounding seas have symbolically represented social, economic, political, cultural bridges or walls, meeting or colliding places, over its long and difficult history.

Landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes are presented and analysed, together with other aspects, through a descriptive focus and original contributions provided by some local experts, in order to offer scholars and students across the globe a complex and multi-dimensional view of the reality of Sardinia through the lens of its geography.

Each chapter of the book offers an in-depth and concise analysis of a specific topic, through the description of its characteristics and its current variations within the territory of the island. These descriptive aspects will be complemented with insights related to the research experiences and findings provided by the authors.

This book will contribute to stirring new and modern interest about Sardinia, about further regional geographic studies, and about academic, scientific and cultural exchanges, among peoples and countries with both similar and different histories, identities, issues and hopes.

Andrea Corsale is Assistant Professor of Geography at the Department of History, Cultural Heritage and Territory at the University of Cagliari. His main research interests are demography, tourism and local development.

Giovanni Sistu is Associate Professor of Geography at the Department of Social and Institutional Sciences at the University of Cagliari. His main research interests are environmental policies, tourism and local development.

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