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Current Issues in Contemporary Sport Development

This collection of essays is the result of the debate and discussion at the European Sport Development Network’s (ESDN) annual conference in 2014. ESDN’s vision is to help create an environment where sports policies, programmes and practices are positively influenced by innovative, research-informed insight and collaborations between academics and practitioners. The chapters in this book closely reflect the remit and purpose of the ESDN in that they come from a variety of academics and sport practitioners. Under a broad theme of ‘Opportunity through sport’, the chapters reflect the nature and breadth of outcomes which are possible through active participation in sport.

The contributions to this book touch upon many of these issues. They are all written from the perspective of either academic researchers or applied practitioners working in sport development in line with the aims of ESDN of providing a common forum to bring together research and practice. Four chapters are written from the applied practitioner perspective, five chapters emerge from academic research and one chapter is a hybrid of PhD research located within a county sports partnership. These contributions will be useful for scholars, students and practitioners alike.

Kay Biscomb is the Director of the Institute of Sport at the University of Wolverhampton, where she has been since 1996. Previously a secondary school PE teacher, she has taught in state schools in Botswana and the UK. Her main academic discipline is sport sociology, within which she has explored print media analysis, exercise dependency and various aspects of identity construction.

Richard Medcalf is a Principal Lecturer and Head of Student Experience, Progression, Attainment and Employability in the Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing at the University of Wolverhampton. Prior to joining Wolverhampton in 2011, Richard had held positions at the University of the West of England (Hartpury) and the University of Worcester, where he completed his PhD in Physical Education. Richard teaches across a range of sport development modules core to the BA (Hons) Sport Culture, Media and Development course at Wolverhampton spanning issues regarding the politics and policies of sport and leisure. His research focuses on the study of how marginalised populations participate in physical activity. He is a Trustee and Director of Sport4Life UK.

Gerald Griggs is a Senior Lecturer in Sports Culture and Physical Education in the Faculty of Education, Health and Well Being at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. He is the author of An Introduction to Primary Physical Education (2012) and Understanding Primary Physical Education (2015), and has published articles on both physical education and the sociology of sport in a range of academic journals.

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