Regional Economic Development in the Balkan Region

This edited volume brings together original scientific studies on current economic and developmental issues in the Balkan region, and is composed of papers by 25 authors from seven different countries. The Balkan region has gained significant interest in recent years due to its location and strategic position, representing a doorway to Europe, and the region’s stability and progress have direct consequences on various European countries. Because of this strategic position, there is currently much debate regarding a potential partnership of the Balkan states with the European Union.

This book offers insights into the current economic and developmental status of the countries in this region, offering a series of chapters that analyse the area from a variety of perspectives. It begins with a discussion on the recent history of the region, especially with reference to the former Yugoslavia and its break-up after the turbulence experienced in 1990s. Other sections are complementary to each other in that they offer comparisons of the Balkan states in their economic progress at the micro and macro levels. Topics such as European integration policies and effects, economic transition, regional trade, tax incentive policy, regional capital markets, regional development agencies and systems, remittances and foreign aid contributions, import-export policies, fiscal policies, analysis of regional microfinance, and the tourism sectors are explored in detail throughout the book.

Teoman Duman, PhD, completed his doctoral education at Pennsylvania State University with a dissertation on marketing within hospitality and tourism. In recent years, he has been working at the International Burch University, Sarajevo, teaching marketing courses. He specialises in the marketing of service products, and has published two books, five book chapters and more than thirty research articles. He is the founder and editor of the Journal of Economic and Social Studies (JECOSS).

Merdžana Obralić, PhD, is an academic staff member at International Burch University in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, having received her PhD from the same institution. She has experience of working within the areas of management, strategic management, international business management, and management and information systems.

Erkan Ilgün, PhD, has been an academic staff member in undergraduate and graduate studies at International Burch University, Sarajevo, since 2008, having received his PhD from Universität Siegen, Germany. His fields of interest are behavioral economics, economic psychology, digital economics, financial markets, international macroeconomics, and economic growth.

Uğur Ergun, PhD, received his Bachelor’s degree from Istanbul University and his Master’s degree from University Putra Malaysia. He obtained his PhD from the National University of Malaysia.

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