Enhancing Customer Experience in the Service Industry: A Global Perspective

This book provides a new and definitive overview of customer experience and how it can be managed and enhanced in one of the most dynamic industries in the world—the service industry. Its highly qualified international team of contributors ensures that it adopts a global perspective, and clearly outlines the key theoretical perspectives of customer experience, covering customer experience both from demand and supplier perspectives.

Fully informed by the latest research, it explores different country contexts and how they impact upon the customer experience; investigates the social, cultural and economic dimensions of customer experience; provides case studies from a wide range of service industry sectors; and includes industry perspectives and examples.

Levent Altinay is Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Research Area Leader at the Oxford School of Hospitality Management at Oxford Brookes University, UK. His research interests are in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategic alliances and international business, with particular focus on how entrepreneurs start up and develop their businesses and establish partnerships internationally. His work has been published in Journal of Business Research, International Small Business Journal, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Services Marketing, The Service Industries Journal, and Annals of Tourism Research and Tourism Management. He currently serves on the editorial boards of more than twelve journals.

Surya Poudel is a freelance researcher. His research interests include human-environment interactions in tourism systems, common-pool resources, sustainable tourism, the management of parks and protected areas, and service quality in the tourism industry. His work has been published in several leading international journals, including Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, and Journal of Travel Research. His current research focuses on service co-creation and co-production in the service industry.

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