Challenging Ideas: Theory and Empirical Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Challenging Ideas is a selection of articles which address the intersections between theory and empirical research. In general, the contributions to the volume focus on how imaginations of the temporal relationship between past and present might inform theory as well as empirical research. It is divided into two parts, the first of which, Memory, looks at the memory turn in the discipline of history, and includes investigations into the relationship between past and present in the working through of trauma and reflections on the relationship between media memory, collective memory and trauma. The second part of the volume, History looks at the intersections between social science, political theory and the writing of history. This section includes reflections on how the historian’s archival work might inform the construction of social and political theory and explorations of the temporal relationship between past and present at work in the archives.

The contributions to this volume encourage historically oriented scholars to approach their work with an active interest in disciplines close to their topic and a reflexive attentiveness to the broader power relations within which they work. They offer different perspectives on the intrinsic relationship between past and present at work in the interactions between theory and empirical research, and thereby give impetus to challenging ideas and to the challenging of ideas in the social sciences and in the humanities.

Maren Lytje, PhD, is External Lecturer at Aalborg University and University College Nordjylland, Denmark. She has published on the relationship between justice and justification, and is interested in the intersections between just war theory and life ethics, as well as the historical development of critical theory.

Torben K. Nielsen is Associate Professor at Aalborg University, Denmark. He has published extensively on the Crusades, and is interested in medieval discourses of body, landscape and otherness.

Martin Ottovay Jørgensen is an External Lecturer at Aalborg University, Denmark, and a joint PhD student with Aalborg University and Ghent University, Belgium. He has published on UN peacekeeping and everyday life, and is interested in how international organisations and community grew out of the world of empires and colonial imperialism, and what that means today.

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Berber Bevernage

Francis Dodsworth

Ehab Galal

Robert Gross

Johan Heinsen

Trine Oland

Martin Ottaway Jorgensen

Nicholas von Eggers

Christian Yoesen

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