Mediating Peace: Reconciliation through Visual Art, Music and Film

This volume examines the role and contributions of art, music and film in peace-building and reconciliation, offering a distinctive approach in various forms of art in peace-building in a wide range of conflict situations, particularly in religiously plural contexts. As such, it provides readers with a comprehensive perspective on the subject. The contributors are composed of prominent scholars and artists who examine theoretical, professional and practical perspectives and debates, and address three central research questions, which form the theoretical basis of this project: namely, ‘In what way have particular forms of art enhanced peace-building in conflict situations?’, ‘How do artistic forms become a public demonstration and expression of a particular socio-political context?’, and ‘In what way have the arts played the role of catalyst for peace-building, and, if not, why not?’

This volume demonstrates that art contributes in conflict and post-conflict situations in three main ways: transformation at an individual level; peace-building between communities; and bridging justice and peace for sustainable reconciliation.

Professor Sebastian Kim holds the Chair in Theology and Public Life in the Faculty of Education and Theology at York St John University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society and the Editor of the International Journal of Public Theology. His publications include In Search of Identity: Debates on Religious Conversion in India (2003), Theology in the Public Sphere (2011), Christianity as a World Religion (2008) and A History of Korean Christianity (2014).

Professor Pauline Kollontai is Professor of Higher Education in Theology and Religious Studies at York St John University. Her academic qualifications are in the disciplines of Peace Studies and Theology and Religious Studies. Her recent publications include Building Communities of Reconciliation: Christian Theologies of Peace and Reconciliation (edited by P.C.H. Kollontai and V. Nesfield, 2012).

Dr Sue Yore is a Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies at York St John University, and teaches a broad range of subjects, including Islam, Anthropology of Religion, and Religion and the Arts. Her main areas of research relate to the mystical and prophetic role of literature as explored in her book The Mystic Way in Postmodernity (2009).

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