Views on Eighteenth Century Culture: Design, Books and Ideas

This book provides significant new insights into the Enlightenment in Portugal and its relationships with other European cultural movements using Eugénio dos Santos (1711–1760) as a common reference point. Eugénio dos Santos was a Portuguese architect and city planner who, among other projects, was responsible for the plans to rebuild Lisbon after the earthquake of 1st November 1755. His artistic and technical training, architectural production, aesthetic preferences and some of the books in his private library point to a person who embodied the transition between two moments in Portuguese culture, with their specific characteristics and particular reception of the practices and ideas that circulated among European intellectuals and practitioners. Over the 18 chapters of this volume, several specialists in different disciplinary areas discuss ideas, libraries, printed and handwritten documents, drawings, printing techniques, and architects, philosophers and writers of the 18th century, in order to offer a broad view of a time period closely associated with the construction of modernity.

Leonor Ferrão is an art and design historian. She completed her PhD in History of Art at the New University of Lisbon in 2008, exploring the poetics of Eugénio dos Santos’ architecture by studying his catalogue of books to understand the practice and theory of architecture and engineering in Portugal during the reigns of King João V and King José I. She is a permanent Researcher at the Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD) of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Lisbon (FA/ULisboa), where she has taught architecture history (15th–18th centuries), product design history, design theory, and design criticism since 2001. She has published widely on the history of architecture and the history of product design.

Luis Manuel A. V. Bernardo is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy of NOVA University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and a Researcher at the Portuguese Centre for Global History. He has dedicated his research to interpreting themes and authors that bridge the philosophy of culture and the philosophy of knowledge. An expert in Eric Weil’s philosophy, he is particularly interested in understanding how texts in the eighteenth and twentieth centuries defined the direction of modernity. He has published several books, articles and translations on different aspects of these textualities.

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Miguel Bandeira Duarte

Teresa Cabral

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Michel Delon

Eduardo Duarte

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