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Suffragette Legacy: How does the History of Feminism Inspire Current Thinking in Manchester

The suffragettes are dead. Long live the suffragettes! As part of the Wonder Woman Radical Manchester events celebrating International Women’s Day, the one-day conference Suffragette Legacy brought together academics, artists, campaigners and activists to present and speak about how their work is affected by the suffragette legacy of feminism in 2014. The organisers welcomed academic papers, feminist theory, poetry and visual art to discuss this important, but often complex topic. It was found that the suffragette legacy is often hidden in private stories, in little-known projects, in art and in metaphor. In addition, the contributions to the conference showed that certain suffragette words, worries and worlds in gender politics still play out amongst humans. This edited volume will encourage more dialogue, discussions and future narratives for our feminist foremothers in both Manchester and beyond.

Camilla Mørk Røstvik recently finished her PhD in Art and Science History at the University of Manchester. She has been Researcher-in-Residence at the People’s History Museum and started the Feminist Reading Group on campus. She is currently working on a project about the Royal Society with St Andrews University.

Ella Louise Sutherland is a museum professional, having recently served as Head of Collections and Engagement at the People’s History Museum. She has worked in university, local and independent museums over the past fifteen years.

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