Zeng Shiqiang and the Chinese Style of Management

This book illustrates and develops Professor Zeng Shiqiang’s interesting and insightful observations on the essence and mainframe of the Chinese style of management science, which has developed around how to enhance management effects by integrating modern management strategies with ancient Chinese philosophical wisdom and ideology. In order to facilitate a wonderful reading experience for the reader, the research team have sorted out the main viewpoints proposed by Professor Zeng and put forward some discussion topics, as well as some tangible case studies to give the reader guidance. Through elaborate management case studies that illustrate philosophical wisdom, this book presents a magnificent picture of the Chinese style of management.

Dr Li Guoqing is Professor and Vice-Dean of International College at Guangzhou College of Commerce, China, and a Professor and Supervisor at Jinan University, China. She has published nine books and authored more than 30 academic papers on functional linguistics and translation studies.

Zhang Yue is Director of the Research Institute of Foreign Languages at Guangzhou College of Commerce, China. He is a full-time Lecturer and has more than six years of experience in translation and interpreting practices, with two books and several papers to his credit.

Luan Weixia is Director of the Foreign Language Teaching Institute of Guangzhou College of Commerce, China. She holds an MA in Translation Studies from Jinan University, China, and a TEM 8 Certificate and Translation Certificate (CATTI).

Zhou Peihong is a Lecturer in Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering, China, and holds an MA in Translation Studies from Jinan University, China. As an English teacher, she has won several awards granted by both provincial-level and national–level authorities.

Mai Xiaoxin is a Lecturer at Jinan University, Guangzhou, China, and holds an MA in International Journalism from the University of Westminster, UK. Mai Xiaoxin has been working as a freelance translator, trans-creator, and proofreader, with six translated books published.

Zhao Rongchen is a student at McGill University, Canada. He previously studied in China before moving to Canada to further his studies.

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