Identity and Translation Trouble

Besides providing a thorough overview of advances in the concept of identity in Translation Studies, the book brings together a variety of approaches to identity as seen through the prism of translation. Individual chapters are united by the topic and their predominantly cultural approach, but they also supply dynamic impulses for the reader, since their methodologies, level of abstraction, and subject matter differ. The theoretical impulses brought together here include a call for the ecology of translational attention, a proposal of transcultural and farcical translation and a rethinking of Bourdieu’s habitus in terms of František Miko’s experiential complex. The book also offers first-hand insights into such topics as post-communist translation practices, provides sociological insights into the role politics played during state socialism in the creation of fields of translated fiction and the way imported fiction was able to subvert the intentions of the state, gives evidence of the struggles of small locales trying to be recognised though their literature, and draws links between local theory and more widely-known concepts.

Ivana Hostová is Assistant Professor of Translation and Slovak Studies at the University of Prešov, Slovakia. She has authored more than eighty reviews and papers on contemporary Slovak poetry, and has published numerous scholarly texts on translation, including “Of Ecosystems and Translations: Some Ways of Translating Non-traditional Texts” in World Literature Studies, “On Contemporary Slovak Poetry in English Translation” in Preklad a kultúra 5 (edited by Edita Gromová and Mária Kusá, 2015), and a book on the Slovak translations of Sylvia Plath’s poetry Haugovej Plathová, Plathovej Haugová [Haugová’s Plath, Plath’s Haugová] (2013). She has edited and co-edited four volumes on translation, interpreting and literature, and is a member of Editorial Advisory Board of Poem: International English Language Quarterly.

"Hostová’s imaginatively edited volume attempts, and largely succeeds, to reflect a gamut of relationships, especially the literary and multicultural situations which problematize and enrich both translation and identity. It also proposes ways forward for research, and invariably, ‘trouble’ turns to opportunity. Originating in the second Mirrors of Translation Studies conference at Slovakia’s University of Prešov in 2015, a natural preference on Eastern European translation scholars emerges, bringing their valuable perspectives closer to the centre. Michael Cronin’s essay right at the beginning provokes reflections on ‘post-national identity in the digital age’, but what works remarkably well here is the vigorous alternation of research ideas, terms and methodologies, all compelled by the effort to understand those moments, personal or socio-cultural, in which translation turns into a conceptual or existential issue. From investigations into the translator’s habitus, to gender or reception studies approaches, to evolving geopolitical considerations, Identity and Translation Trouble brings a wealth of subjects and research fields intriguingly and truly together – there really is something for everyone in these pages."

Dr Paschalis Nikolaou Lecturer in Literary Translation, Ionian University; co-editor of Translating Selves: Experience and Identity between Languages and Literatures

Michael Cronin

Matrin Djovcos

Miroslava Gavurova

Lada Kolomigets

Zuzana Malinovska

Barbora Olejarova

Eva Palkovicova

Lenka Polakova

Astra Skiabane

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