Scalable Video Streaming with Fountain Codes

The area of video streaming has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to the enhanced processing power, better compression algorithms, and increased bandwidths in emerging networks. Most of the latest communication standards are IP based, whereas the Internet provides only a best-effort service model and the priority-based service models are only gradually being realized for real-time data. Current research attempts to overcome the effects of video packet losses and delays to provide a better user experience. Multimedia communication over wireless channels is especially difficult due to the fact that the channel conditions are generally poor, in addition to the rapid changes that can occur in the channel. Fountain codes can address some of the challenges in this research area, and can also be combined in innovative ways with the different importance classes of compressed video data.

Considering the importance of the issues highlighted above, this book focuses on designing error correction techniques to exploit different importance classes in compressed video data for designing adaptive solutions to support multimedia traffic over wireless channels. This book represents a useful reference point for researchers, academics, research students, and industry developers interested in utilizing error correction codes for ensuring better video quality.

Sajid Nazir received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde, with a thesis titled, “Multimedia Communications over Mobile IP Wireless Networks”. He is currently a KTP Associate at London South Bank University, UK. His research interests are in video streaming, error resilience, video communications, and networking.

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