Chinese Food for Life Care

Chinese Food for Life Care explores traditional Chinese ways of eating, and the Chinese people’s opinions as regards the choices of food in various situations. It discusses a great variety of traditionally consumed Chinese food items, explaining why some items are more popular than others in the country, and why the Chinese people generally believe “food and medicine are of the same origin.” The detailed accounts of the properties of different food items will serve as useful references for making decisions on what one should choose to eat according to his or her own physical conditions.

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Hua Yang (杨婳) is a Lecturer of English at Suzhou Science and Technology University. She received her MA from Soochow University in 2004, and has written for such publications as Chinese Science and Technology Translators and Suzhou Daily. Being a food connoisseur and her family chef, she has drawn much from her own experiences of cooking in writing this book.

Wen Guo (郭雯) received her PhD in Comparative Literature and World Literature from Central China Normal University, and is currently a Lecturer at the School of Foreign Languages at Suzhou University of Science and Technology. She has spent half a year as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, and her major research field is English literature and translation.

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