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Revisiting Sexualities in the 21st Century

Sexual interactions are socially constructed within a historical, social and cultural milieu, and are continually defined and redefined accordingly depending on the surrounding economic, political, moral, and religious social forces. Although the human capacity for sexual expression spans a wide range of variations and permutations, it is nonetheless seriously confined, limited and restricted to only a few “acceptable” forms. Western style “sexual acceptability” is, in turn, determined by the prevailing white, heterosexual standards of patriarchy perpetuated through childhood masculine socialization and adolescent and adult machismo practices. Revisiting Sexualities in the 21st Century examines a whole set of explanatory and definitional issues from the very outset, particularly regarding what may be rightly included and excluded from its provenance and coverage. The contributors to this book are brought together from three different methodological spheres: qualitative, quantitative, and historical/comparative. Each author lays out the traditional parameters of the methodology used in their perspectives of social science research, and openly discusses how they have been applied to the study of hetero sexuality/non-heterosexuality and the ways in which their theory and methodology may be improved. Their contributions outline some of the major theoretical and methodological problems that still confront the study of modern sexualities, while also presenting a selection of theoretical and methodological issues of interest to both new and experienced researchers.

This anthology identifies the need in contemporary social and cultural studies for more elaborate understandings of the relations of various masculinities and femininities to power, nation, empire, violence, race, class, and embodiment, and, in doing so, brings together an eclectic, multidisciplinary, and wide-ranging collection of essays. The various contributions to this book will appeal to social scientists (especially sociologists, psychologists and sexologists), biomedical scientists, health professionals and other academic and professional audiences, and students, researchers and instructors of sexuality studies. Undoubtedly, with this collection, sexuality studies comes of age as an academic field.

Constantinos N. Phellas is a Medical Sociologist with interests in a variety of areas, including health and illness; ageing; end-of-life decision making and care; the construction of identities; sexualities; and HIV/AIDS. His work is methodologically diverse, and includes statistical and social survey work, as well as qualitative work based on text analysis, interaction analysis, and conversion analysis. His publications focus upon the intersection of gender, culture, and issues of sexuality among ethnic minority communities; HIV/AIDS; and the social and psychological aspects of the public health domain. He is currently the Vice Rector for Research and Faculty at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.

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