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Contemporary English Language Teaching and Research

As the English language has spread around the globe and the English teaching industry has expanded, so interest in the theory behind the methods of teaching and curiosity regarding innovative classroom techniques have also grown. Recently, advances in technology have had a major impact on the way teachers at all levels work, as has the greater interest in the learner as an individual. This book provides detailed insight into both of these forces.

Contemporary English Language Teaching and Research will appeal both to researchers in the field, since it contains a number of new and exciting studies, as well as reflections on the research process itself, and to language teachers, both those practising and those in training, who wish to keep abreast of the latest developments in teaching techniques and understanding of learners.

The book provides a snapshot of today’s research environment in the field of teaching and learning English as a foreign language. It brings together work from established academics and young researchers, with a wide variety of classroom teaching experience, and an equally wide range of perspectives and priorities.

Mariusz Marczak completed his PhD at the University of Warsaw, and is now an Assistant Professor in the Institute of English at the Pedagogical University of Cracow. His academic interests cover translator education and EFL teacher training. He has produced a large number of publications on computer assisted language learning and intercultural language teaching.

Martin Hinton is an Assistant Professor in the Institute of English Studies at the University of Łódź, where he also completed his PhD. He has extensive experience working as a teacher trainer and teaching practical English to all age groups at all levels. With a particular research focus on the nature of the learner, he has written and lectured extensively on language learning aptitude and individual learner differences.

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