The Role of Agency and Memory in Historical Understanding: Revolution, Reform, and Rebellion

This book, the first in a series entitled Historical and Pedagogical Issues: Insights from the Great Lakes History Conference, addresses historical and pedagogical issues. It explores the agency of historical actors tied to larger movements, demonstrating the efficacy and power of individuals to act with historical impact. It also describes the nuanced role of memory, often neglected in larger national or global social movements. This volume explores these powerful themes through a broad range of topics, including the research and pedagogy of revolution, reform, and rebellion as they are applied to race, ethnicity, political movements, labour, reconciliation, memory, and moral responsibility. The book will interest researchers that have an interest in both, or either, history and pedagogy.

This book is part of a series. View the full series, "Historical and Pedagogical Issues in History: Insights from the Great Lakes History Conference", here.

Gordon P. Andrews is Associate Professor in the Department of History at Grand Valley State University, USA. He has taught at secondary and post-secondary levels since 1986, and his research fields include history education, modern US history, and 20th century labour history.

Yosay D. Wangdi is Associate Professor in the Department of History at Grand Valley State University, USA. Her areas of expertise include Himalayan history and culture; Tibetan history, culture and identity; and South Asian history. She has authored articles and essays on the subject of Tibetan identity and has also served as an Associate Editor for the Global Studies Journal, Volume 1, 2008.

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Cody H. Smith

Darlene M. Hall

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Randall Doyle

Mary Duarte

Scott Durham

Fritz Fischer

Anne-Lise Halvorsen

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Tamara Shreiner

Jennifer Swartz Levine

Yosay D. Wangdi

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