African Perspectives on Culture and World Christianity

Unlike the global North, “the ferment of Christianity” in the global South, among the majority of world people, has been astronomical. Despite the shift in the center of gravity of Christianity to the global South, intra-ecclesial tensions globally remain those of the relationship of culture to religion. The questions posed revolve around to what extent Western Christianity should be adapted to local cultures. Should we talk of Christianity in non-Western contexts or of majority world Christianity? Is it appropriate to describe the shift as the emergence of global Christianity or world Christianity? Should Christianity in the global South mimic Christianity in the global North, or can it be different in the light of the diversity of these cultures? Can Africans, Asians, Latin Americans, Europeans and North Americans – the entire global community – speak of God in the same way? This book is devoted to examining varieties of the intercultural process in world Christianity. It understands culture broadly as a common meaning upon which communities’ social order is organized. Culture in this sense is the whole life of people. It is the integrator of the filial bond holding people together and the various institutional structures – economic, technological, political and legal – that guarantee peace and survival in societies, states, and nations, both locally and internationally. As this book shows, the centrality of culture for world Christianity equally showcases the important position the scale of values occupies in world Christianity.

Joseph Ogbonnaya is Assistant Professor of Theology at Marquette University, USA. He specializes in Lonergan’s philosophy and theology, World Christianity, and theology and development. In addition to articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, his publications include Lonergan, Social Transformation and Sustainable Human Development (2013), African Catholicism and Hermeneutics of Culture (2014). He coedited Christianity and Culture Collision (2016) and The Church as Salt and Light (2011).

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