Contemporary Studies in Environment and Tourism

The tourism industry is striving hard to create attractive worlds for its customers. Both as a necessity and as a challenge, this field is overwhelmed by the imagination economy, but raises several questions about tourists, providing opportunities to move deeper into the understanding of complexities involved in relationships among tourists, tourism sites and their historical structure, and environmental sustainability. As a result of this, a serious academic interest in tourism has developed over recent decades as a complex aspect of investigation into humans and their environment. This volume brings together case studies from different parts of the world, focusing on tourism and its interactions with the environment. It provides a general outline of theoretical issues and their practicality in different industrialising countries from both the East and the West. The book will appeal to researchers involved in tourism studies and environmental interactions, as well as academicians and tourism agencies.

Professor Recep Efe has authored and edited over 50 scientific books, and has published numerous articles in refereed scientific journals and conference proceedings, with emphasis on ecotourism, ecosystem analysis, ecology, land-cover change and environment-human interactions. He is on the editorial board of several national and international journals in the fields of ecology and geography, and has organised several international. He is a member of the European Geosciences Union, the Balkan Geographical Association, and the International Geographical Union.

Professor Münir Öztürk has a proven track record of over 125 research publications in renowned international journals in the fields of ecology, environmental sciences and ethnobotany, in addition to 60 book chapters. He has also published more than 30 books, and is the recipient of over 50 honours and awards.

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Michal Apollo

Assen Assemov

Elif Bozdogan

Zeynep Rabia Bozhuyuk Ardhanlioglu

Ufuk Cosgun

Neslihan Dal

Metin Demir

Ali Ekber Gulersoy

Mustafa Fahri Karabulut

Kemal Reha Kavas

Neslihan Kulozu

Hacer Mutlu Danaci

Tulay Ocal

Meltem Ozcaki

Emre Ozsahin

Piotr Razniak

M. Taner Sengun

Muzaffer Siler

Nuket Sivri

Mariya Stankova

Tereza Stefanova

Tahsin Tapur

Mariam Tsitsagi

Kadir Tuncer

Yuksel Unlukaplan

Anna Winiarczyk-Razniak

Marek Zoladek

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