Reporting the Attacks on Dubrovnik in 1991, and the Recognition of Croatia

This collection brings together 13 papers by 16 authors presented at the international conference “Reporting on attacks on Dubrovnik and recognition of Croatia”, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in October 2011. It provides a combined scientific and practical overview of the role of the media and journalists during the attack on Dubrovnik in autumn 1991 by the federal army (JNA) and Montenegrin reservists. This book represents a primary source of information about the propaganda war waged during the conflict between Croatia and Serbia in 1991, because some of the contributors were practical journalists and ministers during the events of that year. The book is structured in three parts: global media, international relations, and strategic communication during wartime; the example of Dubrovnik, and the practices of wartime reporting from the Dubrovnik area; and media analysis on the subject of war in Dubrovnik and Croatia.

In the first part, the book examines the impact of the attack on Dubrovnik and the recognition of Croatia by the international community, the strategic steps taken by the Croatian government in the media/propaganda war, and the role of the Diaspora in winning over the international public to favour the Croatian side.

In the second part, the book examines the reporting practices used to cover the siege of Dubrovnik and the role of local and international journalists, non-governmental organisations and fixers. Special attention is devoted to the conflict which arises when professional journalistic standards and patriotism clash, particularly if the journalist is reporting from his own town and his own family is in danger.

The third part of the book brings an analysis of the war propaganda used by the Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin media.

Dr Renaud de La Brosse is Professor of Media and Communication Studies with a specialisation in journalism at Linnaesu University, Sweden. His research is mainly related to the role of the media and journalists during the process of transition to a democracy and in crisis situations such as war and armed conflict.

Dr Mato Brautović is Associate Professor at the Department of Mass Communication at the University of Dubrovnik, Croatia. He is the author of several online journalism textbooks and many chapters, and scientific papers in professional journals in the fields of journalism, digital methods, social media, and mobile technologies. He has previously worked as a Lecturer at the College of Journalism and Communication at the University of Florida, USA, and as Guest Professor at the University of Montenegro and Linnaeus University, Sweden.

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Julijana Antic Brautovic

Ivo Banac

Julija Baruhcic Pletikosic

Vedran Benic

Albert Bing

Goran Cvjetinovic

Renaud de la Brosse

Zeljka Krize

Nora Nimani-Musa

John Romana

Slaven Ruzic

Branko Salaj

Janja Sekvla Gibac

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