Diversities and Interculturality in Textbooks: Finland as an Example

Textbooks are crucial in shaping today’s global and diverse world. They can contribute to making it both ‘better’ and more ‘intercultural’, but also, on occasion, create limited and biased ideas about the ‘Other’. This collected volume undertakes multidisciplinary research into textbooks, taking one of the best education systems in the world – Finland – as an example. The authors investigate the issue of diversities in textbooks from multiple perspectives, disciplines, school levels and content areas. Together, the chapters provide examples of hidden ideologies, (neo-)stereotyping and othering when looking beneath the surface of texts and illustrations. The authors also present concrete tools that can be used for analysing diversities and interculturality in textbooks. In addition, the chapters will serve to develop teachers’ and students’ abilities to encounter diversities and similarities in ways that enhance their sensitivity, self-reflexivity and criticality. This volume will be of interest for students in educational sciences; pre-service teachers and in-service teachers of various school subjects; teacher educators; and researchers in the areas of subject didactics, multicultural and intercultural education, language education, educational leadership, curriculum, and policy.

Forewords and Commentary by Jari Lavonen, Karen Risager, Adrian Holliday and Julie S. Byrd Clark.

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Kaisa Hahl, MA, is a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her research interests pertain to the development of English-medium subject teacher education, including interculturality and the use of English as a lingua franca.

Pia-Maria Niemi, MTh, is a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her research interests include pedagogical practices that promote intercultural learning and sense of community at lower secondary level in basic education.

Rita Johnson Longfor, PhD, is Researcher at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her special interests are research on English Second Language (ESL) pedagogy and issues of language diversity.

Fred Dervin is Professor of Multicultural Education at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He is the Director of the Education for Diversities (E4D) research group.

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Alemania Aminkeng

Alemanji Aminkeng

Sonja Anttila

Julie Byrd Clark

Adrian Holliday

Anu Härkönen

Tuija Itkonen

Hille Janhonen-Abruquah

Rita Waye Johnson Longfor

Heidi Layne

Jouni Leskinen

Pia Mikander

Pia-Maria Niemi

Edda Oskarsdottir

Martina Paatela-Nieminen

Heini Paavola

Hanna Posti-Ahokas

Monika Schatz

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