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    "[Genetically Modified Organisms: A Scientific-Political Dialogue on a Meaningless Meme] is an excellent book presenting a very strong case for abandoning the acronym GMO. It will be extremely helpful to scholars and educators in developing countries who need to persuade their populace and politicians to adopt modern methods to reap the benefits of more nutritious foods and greatly improved yields."

    - Sir Richard J. Roberts, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology

Resilient Territories: Innovation and Creativity for New Modes of Regional Development

The capacity to adapt to external shocks, to resist negative impacts and to evolve to new socio-technical regimes has been increasingly studied in recent years by regional scientists in order to understand the dynamic conditions that create a “resilient territory”. Resilience is a notion imported from the study of ecological systems and other fields of science to the understanding of geographically embedded socio-economic systems. It is a characteristic often connected to a threshold of the socio-economic variety and specialization that facilitates the smooth adaptation to challenges in particular territories. As a result of recent crises, a number of regions are now further investigating this concept, trying to guarantee by planning the adequate conditions for resilience.

Resilient Territories: Innovation and Creativity for New Modes of Regional Development contributes to the definition and advancement of the scientific agenda in the topics of regional resilience, innovation and creativity. The stabilization of this research agenda and an informed discussion of different definitions of resilience are crucial for the alignment and engagement of the scientific community in the study of these essential topics. This volume also focuses on informing policy and decision-makers, in various different levels of action, about the advancements of conceptualization in these domains.

Hugo Pinto is Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, and Invited Assistant Professor at the University of Algarve, Portugal. He has a PhD in Economics, and his research interests include innovation and regional development. His recent publications include “Universities and KIBS as sources of knowledge” (in Regional Studies) and “The role of universities in urban regeneration” (in European Planning Studies).

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