Recent Advances in Science and Technology Education, Ranging from Modern Pedagogies to Neuroeducation and Assessment

Science and technology education research, influenced by inquiry-based thinking, not only concentrates on the teaching of scientific concepts and addressing any misconceptions that learners may hold, but also emphasizes the ways in which students learn, and seeks avenues to achieve better learning through creativity. New developments in science and technology education rely on a wide variety of methods, borrowed from various fields of science, such as computer science, cognitive science, sociology and neurosciences.

This book presents papers from the first international conference on “New Developments in Science and Technology Education” that was structured around seven main thematic axes: namely modern pedagogies in science and technology education; new technologies in science and technology education; assessment in science and technology education; teaching and learning in the light of inquiry learning methods; neuroscience and science education; conceptual understanding and conceptual change in science; and interest, attitude and motivation in science.

It explores the beneficial impact of pedagogically updated practices and approaches in the teaching of science concepts, and elaborates on future challenges and emerging issues that concern science and technology education. By pointing out new research directions, the volume will inform educational practices and bridge the gap between research and practice, providing new information, ideas and perspectives. It will also promote discussions and networking among scientists and stakeholders from worldwide scientific fields, such as researchers, professors, students, and companies developing educational software.

Dr Zacharoula Smyrnaiou is Assistant Professor in Science Education and Researcher in the Educational Technology Lab (ETL) at the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens. In recent years, her research interests and publications have concerned the teaching of science using new information technologies, the integration of computers in education, the conception and development of educational software, and the educational sciences. She is a member of the committee of Science Curriculum Reform in Greece, and has been involved in many EU projects.

Professor Martin Riopel is a former astrophysicist interested in science education. His recent work and publications focus on neuroeducation and the educational uses of video-games.

Menelaos Sotiriou is a science writer and communicator with 15 years of international work experience. He has been part of the editors’ team of several international reports and papers concerning various scientific fields, and is currently the editor of the Research and Technology Online Magazine under the General Secretariat of Research Technology in Greece ( He is the Vice President and Secretary General of Science View, and a Board Member of the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations.

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Riduca Ailincai

Reuven Babai

Vasia Bakouli

Francois-Xavier Bernard

Nancy Brouillette

Marie-Hélène Bruyère

Anthimos Chalkidis

Pierre Chastenay

Ugo Collard-Fortin

Katerine Deslauriers

Georgios Garas

Diane Gauthier

Aristotelis Gkiolmas

Claudia Haagen

Panagiotis Kostaridis

Ioannis Kostikas

Isabella Kotini

Christina Lianeri

Michalis Livitziis

Maria Margoudi

Leopold Mathelitsch

Julien Mercier

Maria Papaconstantinou

Christos Parthenis

Evangelia Petropoulou

Michel Pronovost

Veronika Rechberger

Gülsüm Yasemin Şahintürk

Argyro Scholinaki

Constantine Skordoulis

Vasiliki Spiliotopoulou

Eleni Spinou

Dimitris Stavrou

Ruth Stavy

Elias Stouraitis

Chrissavgi Triantafillou

Eirini Tseliou

Aikaterini Tsoka

Sofia Tzelepi

Marios Xenos

Demetrios Yiatas

Mehtap Yurdatapan

Zacharias Zacharia

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