The Event, the Subject, and the Artwork: Into the Twenty-First Century

Partly guided by Alain Badiou’s controversial Century and its interpretation of the events and art of the last century, this book opens debates about these for the twenty-first century. This book examines the extent to which such debates can be applied to the first decades of the twenty-first century and the extent to which analyses of events and subjectivities in the twentieth century can be re-thought from the perspective of this century. This book is also partly guided by Gilles Deleuze’s construal of the event as a synthesis of forces, not a happening, but something that has become actual. An event, therefore, is always there in its potentiality, but may not be recognized at the time of its occurrence. This collection combines essays responding to seemingly datable events, such as the memorialised city of Hiroshima, the coup d’état in Fiji, or the aftermath of Vietnam, as well as the more pervasive emergence of managerialism and the anti-psychiatry movement. At the same time, this book specifically explores the event’s relationship with art and its subject in the sense of both what and who is depicted. The collection engages in debates over the extent to which modernism is an unfinished event; avant-garde moments herald events; socio-political events are mediated in and by artworks; and artistic responses to events and subjects come to represent temporal ruptures and rifts, if not harbingers of an indescribable future.

Ann McCulloch is Professor of Literary Studies at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. Her principal area of research is the history of ideas, a special focus on philosophy, aesthetics and literary studies. She has published widely on aesthetics and philosophy (with a particular interest in Nietzsche) and their interface with literature, biography, Australian literature (especially A. D. Hope and Patrick White), the theory of tragedy, and the visual and literary representations of depression, trauma, environmental ethics, and climate change. McCulloch is the executive editor and founder of the arts discourse journal Double Dialogues, which has developed a large international following since it went online in 2001. She has also scripted and produced twelve plays and made nine documentaries on the life and work of A. D. Hope and on art and climate change.

R. A. Goodrich is an associate of the A.R.C. Centre for the History of Emotions (University of Melbourne) and of the European Philosophy and History of Ideas Research Group (Deakin University); co-ordinates with Maryrose Hall a longitudinal project investigating the behavioral, cognitive, and linguistic development of higher-functioning children within the autistic spectrum and related disorders; and co-edits the online refereed arts-practice journal Double Dialogues. He continues to publish widely on the visual, performing, and literary arts, as well as in the philosophy of language and psychology.

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