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Investigating Lexis: Vocabulary Teaching, ESP, Lexicography and Lexical Innovation

Lexical research plays a central role in present-day linguistics. Thanks to its ability to combine the traditional humanistic approach with state-of-the-art linguistic theory, it quickly responds to the demands of a constantly changing society, which requires scholars to provide answers to challenges in the field of translation, language teaching and language use. Furthermore, while still dealing with areas like legal language or dictionaries, the parameters of research have expanded to include previously unforeseeable fields, such as video game terminology, code mixing in pop music or the translation of erotic literature.

This book shows how researchers are currently responding to these challenges, with a collection of essays representing various aspects of lexicography, combining cutting-edge research with a user-friendly approach. Divided into four major sections (Lexical Theory and Acquisition; Legal Terminology; Dictionaries; and New Challenges), it proves that lexicology, lexicography and terminology are very much at the forefront of current research trends.

José Ramón Calvo-Ferrer holds a PhD in Translation and Interpreting from the Universidad de Alicante. He has worked as a freelance sworn translator and interpreter since 2003, and specialises in legal and economic translation. He lectures English, Teaching Innovation and Educative Research at the UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia, and his research interests lie in video game design for second language acquisition and testing.

Miguel Ángel Campos-Pardillos is a Lecturer at the English Department at the University of Alicante. He is a member of the LexEsp and IPA research groups, and his teaching and research focus on legal language and translation. His publications include several specialised English-Spanish dictionaries (on legal language, real estate, human rights, marketing and leisure), and a number of joint works on Legal English and Translation, together with other contributions to journals and collective volumes. As a teacher of Legal English, he participates in various European projects for the training of judges towards civil and criminal cooperation.

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