Recent Advances in Biofertilizers and Biofungicides (PGPR) for Sustainable Agriculture

Global concern over the demerits of chemicals in agriculture has diverted the attention of researchers towards using the potential of PGPR in agriculture. This book contains many useful and important research papers pertaining to the use of bio-fertilizers and bio-fungicides for sustainable agriculture.

This volume is presented in an easy-to-understand manner,with well-illustrated protocols on the production to commercialization of PGPR. The chapters on commercial potential, trade and regulatory issues among Asian countries are worthwhile additions. As such, this book will prove useful for students, researchers, teachers, and entrepreneurs in the area of PGPR and its allied fields.

Dr M. S. Reddy is a Professor and an entrepreneur and consultant at Auburn University, USA. He has established nationally and internationally recognized, multi-disciplinary comprehensive research programs in the area of the bio-control of plant diseases and biofertilizers for sustainable agriculture. His research efforts have been recognized widely and he has been invited to several countries around the globe for presentations and research collaborations. He is the founding Chairman of the Asian PGPR Society.

Dr Riyaz Sayyed is Head of the Department of Biotechnology at PSGVP Science College, SHAHADA, India. He currently serves as an Executive Board member of the Asian PGPR Society. He has authored over 51 research publications and 31 books.

Rodolfo O. Ilao is the Director of ARMRD of PCAARRD, Philippines, and has expertise in fields related to PGPR. He has worked with various public and private research institutions in the effective implementation of agricultural Research and Development programs.

Dr Hari K. Sudini is a Groundnut Pathologist at ICRISAT, India. He currently serves as General Secretary of the Asian PGPR Society. He has published more than 40 research papers, and collaborates with various scientists around the world.

Dr Patricio S. Faylon is the Executive Director of PCAARRD, Philippines, and is responsible for leading the Philippine National Agriculture System. He has published several research papers and has presented his research at various national and international conferences.

Dr K Vijay Krishna Kumar is an Assistant Professor at ANGRAU, Hyderabad, India. He is an Executive Board member of the Asian PGPR Society. He has published a number of research papers, book chapters and popular articles on the applications of PGPR in agriculture.

Dr William D. Dar is the Director General of ICRISAT, India. He has been the recipient of many awards and several honorary doctorates. Dr Dar continues with his mission of helping to alleviate the conditions of the poor people living in the dry-lands of Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Adoracion B. Armada is a Senior Science Research Specialist at PCAARRD, Philippines. She is responsible for planning and manpower development for the staff and researchers for institutional linkages. She has presented various papers at both national and international conferences.

Dr. William D. Batchelor is a Dean for College of Agriculture and Director for Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station at Auburn University in USA and a Patron for Asian PGPR Society.

Dr. S. Gopalakrishnan is a Senior Scientist for Biological Control Unit at ICRISAT in India and an Executive Member of Asian PGPR Society.

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