New Perspectives on Late Antiquity in the Eastern Roman Empire

The present volume presents some of the latest research trends in the study of Late Antiquity in the Eastern Roman Empire from a multi-disciplinary perspective, encompassing not only social, economic and political history, but also philology, philosophy and legal history. The volume focuses on the interaction between the periphery and the core of the Eastern Empire, and the relations between Eastern Romans and Barbarians in various geographic areas, during the approximate millennium that elapsed between the Fall of Rome and the Fall of Constantinople, paying special attention to the earliest period. By introducing the reader to some innovative and ground-breaking recent theories, the contributors to the present volume, an attractive combination of leading scholars in their respective fields and promising young researchers, offer a fresh and thought-provoking examination of Byzantium during Late Antiquity and beyond.

Ana de Francisco Heredero received her MA in Ancient History and Sciences of Antiquity from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She is a Predoctoral Fellow at the Department of Ancient History at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, currently working on her PhD dissertation on Cyrenaica during Late Antiquity. She is a member of several research groups and scientific associations, and has published papers in various international journals.

David Hernández de la Fuente holds PhDs in Classical Studies and Sociology, and BAs in Classical Philology, Hispanic Philology and Law. His main fields of research are literature and society in Late Antiquity and Greek religion. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Ancient History of UNED, Madrid, and Visiting Lecturer at Potsdam University. The Author of more than twenty books and numerous articles and book chapters on his research areas, he has also been the recipient of several research awards. He is the Coordinator and a founding member of the inter-university Research Centre on Late Antiquity in Segovia.

Susana Torres Prieto has a PhD in Slavonic Philology and a BA in Indo-European Studies, and is a specialist on Medieval Russian literature and culture. She has served as Assistant Professor at the Universidad Complutense, Invited Visiting Professor at Arizona State University and Associate Professor at the Universidad San Dámaso, Madrid. She has published extensively on Medieval Slavic culture and literature, and has co-edited several volumes on medieval studies. She is currently Head of Research of a European multinational group on Medieval Slavic Literature.

"This book is a product of high quality. The new perspectives, which are announced in the title of the book, are exactly that and, moreover, are a reflection of the great interest that Spanish academia currently has for late antiquity. [...] The remarkable quality of the articles brought together in this collection means that they deserve a careful reading by the reader. It is also to the editors' credit that their publication doesn't overwhelm the reader. This book, an appropriate 434 pages long, is thus an excellent publication which makes a significant contribution to the dissemination of Spanish research on late antiquity."

Fernando López Sánchez Pyrenae 46: 2 (2015)

"New Perspectives on Late Antiquity in the Eastern Roman Empire ... is a work of clear academic character, with nearly 20 chapters in which specialists from national and international universities approach topics both old and new from a variety of perspectives. [...] These numerous points of view on a great variety of specific issues mean that the publication of this book (which, it has to be said, is of great scientific and editorial quality) is, without a doubt, most welcome news."

María Fernández-Baizán Portaencasa Universidad Complutense de Madrid Espacio, Tiempo y Forma: Serie II - Historia Antigua, 29 (2016)

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