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Redefining Kitsch and Camp in Literature and Culture

Redefining Kitsch and Camp in Literature and Culture is a collection of fourteen essays dealing with the performative character of kitsch and camp aesthetics in popular culture and avant-garde productions. Anticipated in both literature and culture, the book traces the evolution of two aesthetics from a number of theoretical perspectives, including gender studies, queer studies, popular culture studies, aesthetics, film studies and postcolonial studies. The volume provides a much-needed commentary on the mechanisms and functions of kitsch and camp in contemporary literary and cultural studies, reflecting on various transformations that are currently underway.

Justyna Stępień received her PhD in British Cultural Studies from the Department of British Literature and Culture, University of Lodz, Poland in 2012. She currently works at the University of Szczecin, Poland, as an Assistant Professor. Her PhD thesis dealt with the visual arts of the Sixties with respect to mass culture and popular media development. Her current research focuses on the problems of ethnicity and material culture in relation to popular culture productions. She has published essays on popular culture, literature, film and visual arts.

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