Moses: The Righteous Sky Gazer

This intellectual biography describes the personal development and Weltanschauung of Moses from his childhood until his death. It includes interactions with well-known biblical and historical figures and with composite characters representing all of the lifestyles that he encountered.

It shows how Moses was affected by the people and events in his life and how he was able to lead the Jewish people in their successful struggle for freedom. This book describes the attitudes, thought processes and motivations of Moses himself and the participants in the events surrounding his life.

The book also elucidates the changes in the Jewish religion that occurred before and during his lifetime. It clarifies how Moses developed into a multi-faceted leader and law-giver and shows how he influenced the Jewish religion at the time of the Exodus.

Shlomo Giora Shoham was born in Lithuania in 1929 and immigrated to Palestine in 1935. He received a PhD in Law from Hebrew University, studied Criminology at Cambridge, and founded the Criminology departments at the universities of Bar-Ilan and Tel-Aviv. Professor Shoham is a widely-published author who has received the Israel Prize and the EMET Prize for Science, Art and Culture.

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