Analyzing Greek Talk-in-Interaction

Analyzing Greek talk-in-interaction incorporates ten studies which focus on Greek Conversation Analysis (CA). Although still new, research on Greek talk-in-interaction is promising and pointing in many directions. This volume’s contribution is to fill in a bibliographical gap in Greek linguistics and in the field of talk-in-interaction by offering a book dedicated to studies on several aspects of talk-in-interaction, seen from a conversation analytic perspective. The studies included in the current volume have been selected mainly on the basis of their content since the intention is to cover a wide spectrum of topics in Greek talk-in-interaction. The ten chapters are grouped into thematic categories and are presented in the following four sections: (a) grammar and interaction; (b) reporting small stories; (c) analysis of code mixing and switching; (d) mobile and Facebook talk from a conversation analytic perspective. This book will serve as a point of reference for scholars and students interested in Greek talk-in-interaction, and will familiarize readers with CA research on the Greek language and its varieties and encourage further research into Greek CA.

Maria Christodoulidou is Lecturer in Linguistics and Conversation Analysis at Frederick University. Her research interests involve Pragmatics and Conversation Analysis with particular reference to irony, figurative language, reported speech and classroom interaction. Her research has been published in edited volumes, conference proceedings, and international journals.

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Argiris Archakis

Celtek Aytac

Anna Charalambidou

7. Alexandra Georgakopoulou

Marianthi Georgalidou

Dionysis Goutsos

Elena Ioannidou

Hasan Kaili

Rania Karachaliou

Tereza Spilioti

Eirini Theodoropoulou

Villy Tsakona

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