Youth and the Labour Market in Romania

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of youth employment, this book examines the cases of the Romanian labour market and of youth employment performance. Recent developments in the labour market participation of young people indicate an accentuation of labour market segmentation and a decrease in job security for young people, with the risk of exclusion and marginalization, fuelled by longer transition processes towards decent employment. This transition may seem clear when one looks at two aspects: education and employment. The challenge the transition towards employment presents is faced by all, regardless of one’s level of education, as employment security is uncertain. The situation young people find themselves in when they finish school and have no job opportunities is a rather delicate one as society offers no “safety nets”.

This book, as well as others in the ADAPT Labour Studies Book-Series, explains the challenges young people deal with while playing a vital role within the community they live in. As Kafka has been quoted as saying, “Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old”. Therefore, young people, and those young at heart, perform an integral role in society, and they must be well integrated to enable their successful engagement within their communities.

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Draga Atanasiu

Beatrice Chiriac

Ghenadie Ciobanu

Vasilica Ciucă

Codruţa Drăgoiu

Cristina Lincaru

Eliza-Olivia Lungu

Eva Militaru

Cristina Mocanu

Speranţa Pirciog

Gabriela Predoşanu

Ana-Maria Zamfir

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