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New Directions in the Acquisition of Romance Languages: Selected Proceedings of The Romance Turn V

This book puts together a selection of papers presented at The Romance Turn V Workshop, held in Lisbon in 2012. The papers presented at the workshop discussed general problems in the field of Language Acquisition, with a special focus on data from several Romance varieties.

The papers in the volume cover a wide array of topics and subfields of acquisition studies, including L1 and L2 acquisition, typical and atypical development, acquisition of syntax, semantics, and phonology.

João Costa, Alexandra Fiéis and Maria Lobo are Professors at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, working on syntax and on the acquisition of syntax. Maria João Freitas and Ana Lúcia Santos are Professors at Universidade de Lisboa. Maria João Freitas works on the acquisition of phonology and Ana Lúcia Santos on the acquisition of syntax.

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