Ethics and Poetics: Ethical Recognitions and Social Reconfigurations in Modern Narratives

Bringing together international scholars interested in the ethics of fiction, this book extends the rich field of ethical literary criticism that has emerged in the last twenty years. New ground is broached in that the authors explore literariness itself as constitutive of ethical intimations about the pluralistic community and about egalitarian modes of communication. The epistemological point of departure is the ethical thought of modernity as filtered through Hegelian recognition as infinite social responsibility. The structure of the anthology reflects this anchoring as the authors investigate modalities of recognition and social regeneration via literary language, which effects the transvaluation of values, of the collective imaginary, and of intermediality.

This collection is generally concerned with the immanence of intersubjectivity in literature and with how from this immanence new modes of ethical communication are generated. The authors of Ethics and Poetics clarify how modern narratives, in ways akin to, yet different from, political interrogations such as deconstruction, psychoanalysis, Marxism and gender studies, refine the understanding of the recursive process of recognition, thereby disclosing ethico-political dimensions of the reading experience. The chapters in this anthology share an interest in ethico-literary responses to shifts within modernity from communal to transnational imagination. All the articles explore how modalities of recognition in modern and contemporary literature deeply affect and potentially regenerate real social spaces.

Margrét Gunnarsdóttir Champion is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Languages and Literatures at the University of Gothenburg. She is the author of the monograph Dwelling in Language: Character, Psychoanalysis and Literary Consolation (2013). Her current book project is entitled Social Visions and Creative Evolutions: The New Bergsonism and British Modernist Writing.

Irina Rasmussen Goloubeva is a Research Fellow in English Literature at Stockholm University, and her articles on modernism have appeared in James Joyce Quarterly and Modernism/modernity. Her completed book manuscript explores the alignment between Ireland’s historical imagination and Joyce’s avant-garde poetics. Her current book project examines experimental modernism’s valorization of “hardness.”

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Catharine Walker Bergström

Efrat Bloom

Zlatan Filipovic

Julia Hoydis

Therese-Marie Meyer

Eric Dean Rasmussen

Sandra Singer

Eoghan Smith

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