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Northern Atlantic Islands and the Sea: Seascapes and Dreamscapes

Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Orkney, Shetland and, to some extent, the Hebrides, share both a Nordic cultural and linguistic heritage, and the experience of being surrounded by the ever-present North Atlantic Ocean. This has been a constant in the islanders’ history, forging their unique way of life, influencing their customs and traditions, and has been instrumental in moulding their identities.

This volume is an exploration of a rich, intimate and, at times, terrifying relationship. It is the result of an international conference held in April 2014, when scholars from across the North Atlantic rim congregated in Lerwick, Shetland, to discuss maritime traditions, islands in Old Norse literature, insular archaeology, folklore, and traditional belief. The chapters reflect the varied origins of the contributors. Icelanders are well represented, as are scholars based in Orkney and Shetland, indicating the strength of scholarship in these seemingly isolated archipelagos. Peripheral they may be to the UK, but they lie at the heart of the North Atlantic, at the intersection of British and Nordic cultures.

This book will be of interest to scholars of a wide range of disciplines, such as those involved in island studies, cultural studies, Old Norse literature, Icelandic studies, maritime heritage, oceanography, linguistics, folklore, British studies, ethnology, and archaeology. Similarly, it will also appeal to researchers from a wide geographical area, particularly the UK, and Scandinavia, and indeed anywhere where there is an interest in the study of islands or the North Atlantic.

Andrew Jennings, PhD, is a Researcher and Lecturer with the Centre for Nordic Studies at the University of the Highlands and Islands, based in Shetland, UK. His research focuses on Viking, Celtic and Island Studies, particularly the Norse place-names of Scotland, and the history, folklore and culture of Shetland.

Silke Reeploeg, PhD, is a Researcher and Lecturer with the University of the Highlands and Islands, UK. Her research interests are in the fields of Nordic and Northern cultural history and literature, and include the study of women in the Arctic.

Angela Watt, PhD, is affiliated with the Centre for Nordic Studies at the University of the Highlands and Islands, UK. Her research interests include lighthouses and identifying and recording elements of cultural discourse, knowledge, visuality and narrative.

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Kim Burns

Martina Ceolin

Simon Clarke

Ásdís Egilsdóttir

Terry Gunnell

Anna Katharina Heiniger

Andrew Jennings

Jenny Murray

Ian Napier

Gavin Parsons

Marion Poilvez

Victoria L. Ralph

Esther Renwick

Torfi Tulinius

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