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Research Methodologies in Music Education

This volume provides an understanding of various research methodologies that have been used in music education projects. These methodologies include: historical research; quantitative research; narrative inquiry; action research; ethnography; case study; interpretative phenomenological analysis; arts-based methods; and mixed methods. Each of these research methodologies is detailed, before examples of music education projects that have used these methodologies are described.

A separate chapter is devoted to each methodology, and each chapter has been written by a researcher with extensive experience and knowledge of the methodology in question.

The book project is an initiative of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Research in Music Education (ANZARME).This association is the peak body for music research across the two countries. ANZARME promotes and supports all styles of research in all avenues of music education.

The book will assist all those who are undertaking research in music education, particularly future researchers in music education, such as postgraduate research students. The text will assist researchers in understanding the many available research methods, and will provide clarity in choosing the most appropriate method for their particular research.

Dr Kay Hartwig is a Senior Lecturer at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, where she teaches Music and Music Education. She has previously taught music from pre-school to secondary school in many different settings. She believes that all children throughout their education should have access to quality music programs. Kay was the National President of the Australian Society of Music Education (ASME) from 2011–2013, and is the current Secretary of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Research in Music Education (ANZARME).

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